Company Name


Capital Stock

100 million Yen

Investment Ratio

The KANSAI Electric Power Co.,Inc・・・56%
Nuclear Fuel Industries,Ltd・・・ 44%


August 26,1985


264(at the end of March 2021)



Toshihiro Ohama

Vice President

Takayasu Ishikawa

Managing Director

Masahide Inoue


Masataka Yamada


Tetsuo Noyori


Takahiro Kuramoto


Kensuke Yoshihara


Takeshi Fujii


Yoshihiro Tsuchiuchi

Standing Corporate Auditor

Yu Okamoto

Corporate Auditor(Part-time)

Syunsuke Soga

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事業所紹介 事業所紹介


1-3-7 Tosabori, Nishi-ku, Osaka City 550-0001,Japan
TEL 06-6446-1141 FAX 06-6446-1218


3-9-6 Saiwaicho, Naniwa-ku, Osaka City 556-0021,Japan
TEL 06-6568-5410 FAX 06-6568-5430

Wakasa Office

13-2-1 Goichi, Mihama-Cho, Mikata-Gun, Fukui Prefecture 919-1141,Japan
TEL 0770-32-3150 FAX 0770-32-3152

Wakasa office hongo Branch Office

119 Hongo, Oi-cho,Oi-gun, Fukui Prefecture 919-2111,Japan 
TEL 0770-77-1563 FAX 0770-77-1564

Mihama Office

c/o Kansai Electric Mihama NPP.66-5 Niu, Mihama-Cho, Mikata-Gun, Fukui Prefecture 919-1201,Japan
TEL 0770-39-1902 FAX 0770-39-0174

Takahama Office

c/o Kansai Electric Takahama NPP, 1 Tanoura Takahama-Cho, Ohi-Gun, Fukui Prefecture 919-2362,Japan
TEL 0770-76-1835 FAX 0770-76-1836

Ohi Office

c/o Kansai Electric Ohi NPP,1-1 Aza-yoshimi, 1 Ohshima,Ohi-Gun, Fukui Prefecture 919-2101,Japan
TEL 0770-77-2436 FAX 0770-77-2437

Shimane Branch Office

654-1 Kashimacho Kataku, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture 690-0393,Japan
TEL 080-5775-6487

We will make contributions to the society through outstanding technologies and innovation in the energy supply field.

  1. Aiming at providing consistent and comprehensive engineering services from construction to decommissioning of nuclear power plants.
  2. Aiming at maintenance and improvement of the world-level excellent techniques by exploiting and utilizing overseas technologies and promoting R&D.
  3. Making a consistent effort to continuously improve the quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction.
  4. Making the most of quality and the talents of individual employees while encouraging self-enlightenment.
  5. Complying with laws and internal rules to maintain advanced corporate ethics and build reliable corporate culture.
  6. Assuring appropriate profits and strengthening the financial base for permanent development.
1985 Established by Nuclear Fuel Industries, Inc. and then Japan Information Services, Co., Ltd. (The Japan Research Institute, Ltd.).
Started business operations mainly in the fields of fuel/core-related services, domestic/overseas information services and development of analysis tools and software.
1989 Kansai Electric Power Company participated in capital investment.
Established Wakasa Office and started routine core management work.
1991 Entered into full-scale operations of design of reload core and core physics test.
1992 Delivered Operating Condition Monitoring System (OPMS).
1993 Started integrated management of reload core design.
1994 Commenced services for periodic inspection of steam generator tubes.
1997 Commenced services of fuel/non-fuel bearing components inspection.
1998 Entered into technical cooperation agreement with Westinghouse.
Started development of probabilistic risk assessment models.
2000 Commenced operation of Radioactive Waste Management System.
Commenced full-scale support for ageing management technical evaluation for aged plants.
2001 Acquired permission for the designated constructor (installation of mechanical devices).
2002 Acquired ISO9001 qualification.
Acquired qualification of Tough Joint resin application technique from JAPEIC and started application of Tough Joint for prevention of leakage.
2003 Acquired qualification of X-probe for SG tube inspection from JAPEIC.
2004 Acquired qualification of RVH nozzle inspection technique from JAPEIC and implemented inspection (~2007).
2005 Implemented reactor vessel in-service inspection (~2006).
Commenced support services for secondary system piping wall thickness management.
Stocks were shared between Kansai Electric Power Co. Inc. and Nuclear Fuel Industries, Inc.
2006 Delivered full-scope simulators for operator training.
Delivered on-line core monitoring system (GARDEL).
2007 Commenced advanced plant maintenance work.
Developed unique smart array probes for SG tube inspection and manufactured probes at a domestic shop.
Renewed memorandum for technical cooperation with Westinghouse.
2008 Acquired general construction license (piping work and telecommunications work).
Began selling of risk monitoring system (COSMOS).
Introduced advanced flaw detection system for SG tube inspection.
2009 Established Innovative Center as the base of R&D.
Started contract work for operator’s inspection on welding.
2010 Entered into technical cooperation agreement with Tecnatom, Spain.
2012 Delivered multi-physics reactor simulators for universities.
2013 Commenced full-scale support service for nuclear operators to meet new regulatory requirements (Support for application of approval of design and construction of nuclear power plants, seismic analysis, structural analysis, licensing PRA, safety improvement review, fire and flooding maintenance management, etc.)
2015 Began selling of simulator for educational purpose (GRAPE).
2016 Donated simplified reactor simulator for educational purpose to the IAEA.
2017 Dispatched our resident researcher to EPRI (North Carolina, the United States).
2020 Applied SG secondary system cleaning technique (ASCA).

Nuclear Engineering Limited has acquired ISO9001.

Qualification “ISO9001” granted by International Organization for Standardization

Registered Divisions

All business divisions

Location of headquarters

1-3-7 Tosabori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-city


Quality Management, General Affairs Department

Date of ISO registration

May 10, 2002

Organization for accreditation

LRQA Limited

Scope of registration

Investigation, design & development, test & inspection, analysis,
assessment, project planning, installation and maintenance for
nuclear and other affiliated facilities

Certificate for qualification

We are committed to the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility through all the aspects of our business activities conducted under the principles below :

Kansai Electric Power
Group Code of Conduct

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