Toshihiro Ohama President Toshihiro Ohama President

Contributing to Japan's energy with our technological strength.
We aim to be a company that earns the trust of the public through quality work.

Since our establishment in 1985, we have been working to contribute to the society in the field of energy supply through our superior technology and creativity as a comprehensive nuclear engineering company. Our business areas concentrated on core design of nuclear power plants and steam generator tube inspection in early days after the establishment. Since then, we have expanded our business domain by taking on challenges in new fields such as ageing management technical evaluation, probabilistic risk assessment, facility maintenance planning, and information system technology. We believe that our strength lies in our ability to ensure precise response to various technical issues and needs of our customers by leveraging our advanced technologies, including analysis techniques, as well as our extensive knowledge and experience in nuclear power plant operations. We are making unceasing efforts to improve our technological capabilities though utilization of the latest knowledge and advanced technologies at home and abroad and promotion of research and development activities. As a realistic solution to global warming, which is becoming increasingly serious year to year, we believe that nuclear power, along with renewable energies, can contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society as a key player in Japan's energy mix, based on the premise of ensuring safety.

With a sense of mission to contribute to Japan's energy needs through the technical expertise we have cultivated over the years, we will continue to aim to be a company that can serve our customers and earn their trust through high quality work.

Toshihiro Ohama